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 Rediscovering ayurveda through decades of dedication.. Rediscovering ayurveda through decades of dedication.. Rediscovering ayurveda through decades of dedication.. Rediscovering ayurveda through decades of dedication.. Rediscovering ayurveda through decades of dedication.. Rediscovering ayurveda through decades of dedication..
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An amazing ….. 3 very intense weeks. I read a lot , wrote a lot of drawing. The staff were very able, and professional and inspired confidence.As I leave I feel waves of gratitude.
-Andrew Wood, ITALY

We need more of such Institutions in the country traditional Ayurvedic Treatment with a sucha of modern methods. Prompt and appropriate treatment with the help of a bunch of well qualified and extremely friendly staff at all lands. Clean and hygienic place with traditionally proven home made Ayurvedic medicines .We are proud of you!
-T.Madhavan, Sultanate of Oman

Excellent care , concern and commitment in treatment and service . Thank you Very much.
-Dr.Mrs. Yagnasri Nambiar, Coimbatore
Ecellent treatment , Great hospitality , Wornderful Service , Very good food, committed staff, well can go on an don. On the whole a great experience .Enjoyed a lot of our stay here.Thanks a ton SNA & Wish you all the best.
-Mrs.Ravindran M, Mumbai
It was a very pleasant experience to have a relaxing massage and other treatments at your hospital. Looking for another course soon.
-Inger Agger, Denmark
It was my pleasure to be the inpatient of SNA. The treatment received was excellent. the doctors , the staff  cooperation and dedication towards their duties is very good. The room service, food and other services is marvelous. Overall I would like to rate excellent for all. Keep it up and good Luck
-Haikh Yassin- Goa  
Aum, Stay, treatment… your nursing home was very pleasant- doctors and staff were very caring. I shall recommend your institute for those wishing to have a good ayurvedic treatment.
-Br. Akhilesh Chaitanya – Reunion Island
Ayurveda was first time in my life enjoyed each and every movement here feeling difference with full of energy and it was a great experience in living in SNA.
-Thangavelu, Director-Habasit Lokoka Pvt. Ltd, fodwins, Coimbatore 
This was the first time in my life I come across with such a nice team of doctors, nursing staff and auxiliary staff in a medical institution. I appreciate the treatments and other services.  I desire to recommend this treatment centre to any one with whom I come across for this kind of treatment needs.
-Stanley Samuel, President, South West Union of Seventh Adventists
It was a totally new experience. Whole 14 days nurtured my body mind and soul with immense energy. I wish all success and bright future to this institution.
-Sathyan Anthikad- Film Director
It was my first experience of ayurvedic treatment and which I want to keep it in mind life long. The devine presence of Kiranthamoorthy, lovely caring of vaidyas and staff, immense relaxation with yoga, smell of various Rasayanas and Oils etc cannot be forgotten at all. With best wishes..
-Blessy- Film Director
It is my pleasure to visit SNA once again after one year to repeat the treatment. The Hospital management and staff are cooperative and continue to provide the high quality of treatment.
David- Texas, USA

SNA is definite yes for patients of spondylosis. It has given a great height to my life. A life with no pain and great relief. Personal visit by the physicians definitely gives a good comfort to the patient.
Lolu Timothy Maliakkal- Mumbai, India 
It was a wonderful experience of real ayurvedic massage with a difference in natural-friendly environment.
Mahesh Behl, Dy. Director, Hariyana Tourism, New Delhi
A fantastic and relaxing time I had in SNA..
Francic doleans, Shangai, China
A real treat while in retreat with hospitality, tender love and care, Home away Home. Keep up the good work and high standard. May you grow from strength to strength.
-Jay Naidoo,Durban, South Africa
Thank you so much!! After many treatments in different ayurveda- centers, SNA Nursing Home is one of the best. I definitely will come back next year.
Urusula Ureischer, Nussloch, Germany
This is my second visit to SNA with my students I appreciate for their purest inclinations for keeping the traditions intact. I wish them all the best.
Dr. Pandit Sujeeva Jayasundere, Principal/Director, Vidyodaya Ayurveda College, Srilanka
I am very pleased to visit the clinic and know about the facilities and how they cure the illnesses. Wish them all the best.
His highness Mohammad Al Zubair, Sultanate of Oman, Muscut
Thank you for your hospitality and I enjoyed all the treatments and very well pleased by your attitude towards ayurveda.
Runno Pridrk, Estonia
It was a wonderful experience to see and undergo treatment in SNA.
Albert Schmidi, Basel, Switzerland
It my privilege to visit this institution her is a living expression of the great Mooss tradition of Kerala
Darshan Shankar, Director- FRLHT, Bangalore.
I had lots of skin problems and after 21 days here in SNA, all my problems are solved and traveling back.. Thank you for your love and care.
Hena Klucosova, Prague, Czech Republic
Aum, I was so impressed with treatments here because as I had ayurvedic treatments in many institute earlier. Om shanti
Swami Saradananda, UK
My visit to India is to stay and have the treatment in SNA for my Gout. This is my third year visit and it was as good as every year. All are friendly and treatments made my energy level back. I felt some Oushadhas bitter but I swallowed it as I realized it miraculous benefits in last years.
Gianni Rusconi, Italy

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